Having just finished reading two books in the space of twelve hours, I felt a bit bereft. All those characters I’d just met had been soaked into my consiousness, but now their stories were over what was I supposed to do? This is my solution. This will be a blog dedicated to the love of all things writing and bookish. And since so many books are devoted to writing about food (think Chez Moi, Chocolat, Pomegranate Soup) so will I be. And since my favourite foods come from my own garden, so will some of the topics in this blog (so watch your feet, be careful of falling clods of dirt, freshly shaken from my topics…)

For me, all of these things (and the occasional bit of crafting with felt or sewing) equal comfort, so pop in anytime with a cup of French Earl Grey, or Bluemountain tea – especially on rainy days – for a chat.

Cheers Chickens,

The Wordgardener